Voluntary life

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Because volunteering builds the community . . . 

During PhD (2017 – Present)

  • Organizer in CICC 2018, Austin, Texas.

After Graduation (2013 – 2017)

  • Founder of VLSI-Egypt Inc. Alex. Section (November 2013)
    • Former chairman of VLSI Egypt Alexandria Section (November 2013 – March 2016)
    • Helping in building the VLSI community in Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Egyptian Engineering Day (EED2015) projects technical reviewer, IEEE Egypt Section (June 2015)
    • Reviewing applied projects in Electronics Category
  • Founder of Chipions technical program (October 2013)
  • Volunteer at AlexU, Egypt Scholars Inc. (September 2013 – March 2015)
    • Founder of Alexandria student section for Egypt Scholars scientific organization.
    • Former chairman of Alexandria student section (October 2013 – March 2015)
  • Volunteer instructor
    • [Summer Activity] Instructor in ONLINE Course “in Arabic” entitled “Electric Components and Electronic Devices course”
    • [Summer Activity] Instructor in E-WEB “specialized local scientific organization” course entitled
      “Electronics Basics and Cadence Tools ” (August 2013)

    • Instructor in IEEE AlexSB Research-Oriented Program for Engineers (ROPE) in the electronics track (April -May 2014)

    • [Summer Activity] Instructor in VLSI-Egypt Alexandria section course entitled
      “Semiconductor Devices: understanding physics and circuit approach” (August 2014)

    • [Mid-year Activity] Instructor in “Introductory to Analog IC Design” course for IEEE Alex SSCS Student Chapter (February 2015)

    • [Mid-year Activity] Instructor in “Modeling Systems and Circuits using Matlab” course for VLSI-Egypt Alex. Section (February 2015)

Before Graduation (2008-2013)

  • E-WEB -Engineering-WEB- (February 2012 – October 2012)
    • Volunteer in logistics and publications committees.
  • Volunteer at Science Committee Student’s union (September 2010 – January 2011)