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I am currently an Annenberg fellow student in Ming Hsieh Departement of Electrical Engineering – ElectroPhysics Branch at The University of Southern Californa, CA.

During PhD., I am advised by Prof. Mike Shuo-Wei Chen, Ph.D., UC Berkeley.


  1. Analog Signal Integrated Circuit Design (with Prof. Hossein Hashemi) (4/4) – 1st in Class of 16 –
  2. Quantum Mechanics (with Prof. Tony Levi) (4/4) – 1st in Class of 14 –
  3. Analog-Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design (with Prof. Mike Chen) (4/4) – 1st in Class of 10 –
  4. Communications Integrated Circuits (with Prof. Hossein Hashemi)  (4/4) – 1st in Class of 10 –
  5. RF Systems and Hardware (EE544) (4/4) – 1st in Class of 8-
  6. VLSI System Design (EE 577A) (4/4) – 1st in Class of 42 –


I received my Master of Science degree in Electronics Engineering & Electrical Communications from EECE, Ain Shams University, Cario, Egypt in May 2017.

During M.Sc., I was advised by Prof. Sameh Assem Ibrahim, Ph.D., UCLA.

  • Preparatory M.Sc. courses:
    1. Digital Signal Processing  (with Prof. Mierrette Sadik)
    2. Advanced Engineering Mathematics (1)
    3. Advanced Engineering Mathematics (2)
    4. Materials Science
    5. Advanced Electronic Communications Systems
    6. Advanced Analog IC design (with Prof. Ayman Ismail)
    7. Advanced RF IC design (with Prof. Emad Hegazi and Prof. Mohamed El-Nozahi)
    8. Power Management ICs (with Prof. Sameh Ibrahim)
    9. High-Speed Serial Links (with Prof. Sameh Ibrahim)
    10. Advanced Digital IC (with Prof. Sameh Ibrahim)

Preparatory M.Sc. courses GPA: 3.54


I received my B.Sc. degree in Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt in 2013 with a total grade of Distinction with Honors degree.

I got the first rank among my 380-student class with 93.44% accumulated percentage.

Total GPA (excluding the humanities courses) is 3.96 calculated based on this file which reflects the credit hours for every class I took. (here).