Chipions program was founded in October 2013, turned to be a mutual program between VLSI-Egypt and IEEE AlexSB SSCS chapter in October 2014, I was so proud and passionate to initiate such a successful program with a colleague and students from class 2016.

I served as a mentor in the first two years of the program, hoping it lasts till international companies open in Alexandria

Chipions is an educational long-term program, focusing on the Electronics Engineering field, aiming to achieve it through a series of extensive sessions, workshops and labs, covering a wide range of specialties in the electronics field in detail, in addition to providing the necessary mentorship for the students who will participate in the program throughout its different stages.

The program was inspired by the dire need for creating a suitable environment for students interested in electronics –one that is not available for them through the college curriculum or training– which should provide them with the necessary knowledge, skills, practical work and training in the field; thus, assuring a significant improvement in their capabilities as electronics engineers, and reflecting more positively and strongly on their future careers, and the world of electronics.

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A presentation for Chipions-19 opening ceremony is here.